Could Generating More Leads be the Key to Growing Your Business?

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Feb 24 – Video – Could Generating More Leads be the Key to Growing Your Business?

Attracting Customers, Business Advisory Services

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Most accountants talk with their clients using accounting language. They present the profit and loss account and balance sheet collated at an arbitrary point of time in the past while their clients are sitting there trying to figure out what that means to their business.

We prefer to interact with our clients using the language of business – rather than just talking about what’s happened – we talk about what can happen – what’s the potential of your business.  One example is to help you understand how many leads or opportunities you are generating now, then work with you to set targets to increase that number and put in place a plan to make it happen. Our role is not just to stay close to the numbers and keep you aware of how they’re moving, but to coach you on how to make them move to make your business more financially successful!

Watch this video for ideas you can apply to your business, then give us a call for an explanation of what’s going on in terms you can understand and help to make your make your business more successful — 559-924-1225

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