5 Reasons for a Paperless Pay Day

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Most everything is easier when you can handle a task online. It’s often automated, fast, secure, immediate and easy to access. Even your payroll tasks can be this easy. However, many small businesses choose to handle payroll in-house because employers think it’s cheaper, simpler to make changes and safer. While making a change from a system you are used to using can be difficult, it’s definitely worth looking into some alternative options.

The most time consuming part of transitioning to an online payroll service is the initial set-up. Once you complete the minimal, yet necessary requests you can begin to use the payroll system immediately.

Here are five main reasons online payroll is the only way to handle your employee’s payroll efficiently:

1. Time
Online payroll systems are fast. Rather than writing down hours and calculating totals to come up with the paycheck amount, online payroll does it all for you and quickly at that. All you have to do is plug in the hours worked and the system accurately calculates all the numbers for you.

2. Error-less
How many times have you mistyped a number on the calculator, had to start over because you lost track, or paid someone the wrong amount because an error was missed? It happens a lot to companies that handle payroll on paper. Over time, those financial losses to the company or the individual employee add up. It takes time to recover from those mistakes. With an online payroll system, mistakes are rare because a robust, advanced system is wired to calculate payroll accurately. As long as your payroll is originally set up without error, the system is practically foolproof from then on.

3. Cheaper
Employers can save money with online payroll systems because it’s cheaper than to pay employees to handle it for the company. Labor is expensive, and if you can cut back on your employee numbers then you can save money. Or, you can transition those employees who previously managed payroll to different positions that contribute to the company’s success.

4. Timely
Need to make changes immediately? Online payroll services can do just that. Need to access all your payroll information quickly and in one place? Online payroll can do that too. Rather than dig through old files to find what you are searching for, you can quickly log online and within a few clicks of a button, and find exactly what you need.

5. Compliant
When the government makes changes to taxes, which happens often, online payroll systems are updated immediately. You don’t have to do a thing. It’s instantaneous and requires little to no action on your part. This way, employers and their payroll employees can spend less time worrying about the next big change to consider when calculating payroll.

Whether you choose to outsource your payroll or use an online payroll system, managing payroll on paper is a thing of the past. Payroll can be time consuming if done the old fashion way, but with online availability, payroll can become just the opposite. What used to take hours and days can now take seconds.

If you are interested in learning more about how your office, or your simply your payroll, can become paperless, please call Marji Denham at 559-924-1225, extension 3006.

This article was taken from NFIB.com (National Federation of Independent Business)

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