Sign This Open Letter to Legistators – Act on California Drought

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“Seventeen California communities could run out of water within 60 to 120 days,” the State announced on Tuesday, February 11th, due to the California drought situation.  The Federal Central Valley Project and the State Water Project (Projects) have said they will provide zero water allocations to the communities, farmers, and farm workers who that depend upon those projects.

Growers and Water Districts have called on the Governor to declare a drought emergency and for our state legislators to take immediate and bipartisan action to curb this disastrous threat to all Californians.  In some communities, wells are running dry. In others, reservoirs are nearly empty. Some have long-running problems that predate the drought.  What happens with the water allocations this year will fundamentally change the face of California’s agriculture forever.  If water resources are not allocated, in addition to communities running out of water, many farms will go under; their workers will lose their jobs, and 75% of the nation’s food supply of those crops will be lost.

The So-Cal Water Alliance has written “An Open Letter to the California Delegation” dated 2/14/2014.  Read the letter and join other concerned Californians by signing and sending it to Sacramento via the link at the bottom of the letter.


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